Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Men In Blue - Film

Men in Blue movie is a dream come true and once in a lifetime role. Was so lucky to got casted in this.  

Two days before the shooting I came to Austin and Manoj Chandra and I were staying at the Director's (Sachin Dheeraj) house. The day I reached Austin, which was 15th March 2022, we went for the costume try out session in Jana's house. Met Manoj Chandra there for the first time.

16th March : Sachin took MC and me to the set of MIB where the bunkhouse was made. It was an awesome experience to witness a bunkhouse made from scratch and to the scale of the actual bunkhouse where the real characters of the movie lived.

We met Mr. Antonythasan Jesuthasan (, who is one of the main leads of the movie and his girlfriend Priya in the evening. We had dinner with them and spend the evening with them discussing their experiences and stories.

17th March: We drove to Corpus Christi in the afternoon and reached there by evening.

Day 1 and 2 Filming (March 18th and 19th) Corpus Christi:

Major portion of the Corpus Christi filming was done inside the USS Lexington. First day shoot was the scene between Ali/Vijayan and George. The experience was awesome.  

The Scene between Vijayan and George was shot in this rusted pathway

After the day shoot was over Sachin, camera crew (Sebastian and Marco), MC and I went to the windmill location to shoot the climax scene. We had to wait till the sunset but got some awesome shots for the climax

19th Mar:

Today the entire day was spent inside USS Lexington where all the remaining scenes on the ship was completed.

Sachin showing me a demo on how I should walk and perform

Sebastian and camera team on the pier capturing the scene


Manoj Chandra, my fellow actor took me for a tour of the scary chambers of USS Lexington. We were shooting in the upper deck of the ship which is not open to public. The tour was really scary as it was pitch dark even in broad daylight. The ship is famous for its paranormal presence.

21/22nd March: Warehouse location

We shot the worker canteen, managers office and most of the work location remaining scenes in a warehouse in Downtown Austin. When I entered that space itself I felt some connection to that place from some previous life and I don't know why.. I felt so relaxed in that old place... Some pics and videos

A pic with Shajichayan...

23rd March: Bus Scene

We met in a remote outdoor location to shoot some parts of George running climax scenes and all of the bus scenes. It was so much fun to shoot in the bus and the running scene. Did the running scene both in the lunch time and at night. The AD Veronica was such a help taking me to the forest, spraying bugs spray and carrying water for me.

Met Keekee Suki, a native Indian. He played the character of my Native Indian friend Dakota in the movie. He was such a sport.

25th March to 29th March: Workers Bunkhouse

All of the remaining shoot was at the set of Workers Bunkhouse. It was made in a warehouse location. Every items was built from scratch by the art department. We all bonded together so well during these days. We had so much fun off camera where we recorded dances and had a lot of fun. Some pics and videos.

Almost every day Manoj C and I have a brunch and then pick Soba Shakthi Anna and Priya on our way to the set. We all spent time as a family each and every day. 

It was such an amazing experience working with the entire cast and crew of Men in Blue. Left Austin on the 30th with a heavy heart and memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

L.I.F.E Anthology series

​Was an awesome experience to work with Dathan Smith and team on his prestigious award winning series as a Doctor. 

Saturday, December 4, 2021