Saturday, July 28, 2007

Detroit Days - 2005

When I joined Nokia we went to Detroit in March 2005 .Me and Anju were in Detroit for almost 8 months till I left Nokia and got the job in T-Mobile. Eventhough we didnt like Detroit during the initial visit the project team was great. We used to have lot of get togethers during weekend and all were very nice people.

Above is the photo of our group during our visit to the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit.From the left are Sajjad, Anju, me , Daniel, Sandra, Satheesh and Staicy. Sajjad is a very good cook, and used to delight us with the cooking skills. His famous dishes were Tricolour Pulav and Fish curry.Staicys life in Detroit was all dependent on Sajjads cooking skills. Sandra used to be the only company Anju had in Detroit other than the housekeeping girls in the Marriot hotel were we stayed during our entire stay.

Anju and Sandra in the Ford Museum above.
Me and Anju in front of the biggest locomotive ever invented by men.

Anju was so particular to buy the car below.....

Anju below inside the first plane made... it was a very small one...

Achan and Amma visited us during our stay in Detroit. As were staying in a Penthouse, we had 2 bedrooms, so stay was great.Below shows them in front of Marriot.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Undri and Kochachan Family

Undri is my Kochachan's son. He is a Marine Engineer.

He recently sent couple of photos of their ooty visit. Above are Amita Kochamma, Balan Kochachan , Neetu( Chillichittas mol) and Salini .

International Space Station

Thought of sharing a wonderful picture of International Space station captured by the recent Discovery Mission which had our Sunita Williams as one of the main Astronouts... I am really proud of her....

Recognition Wall

Look at Julio "Panther" posing to tease my name on the Recognition wall....I thought of sharing this as this is one of Julio's cool pictures.... He always says that I am photogenic... who told he is not.....

Longer Hands

Hey... Look who has longer hands.... Am I a "Rakthrakshasssss" (GHOST) from Kalanilayam drama. Nope thats the wonder of George's new SLR camera and Lens. The photo is taken with a special lens to capture around 180deg view.

A Childhood photo

This is one of those moments during my 6th or 7th Standard when we cousins met in Thiruvalla. Manju and Biju standing and our sweet little Kuttuttooni sitting on Valiachans chair. Manju used to love wearing Yellow dresses during that time. I am wearing the T-Shirt given by Balanmavan. Biju was 4yr old at this time and he was a very naughty kid.....

Chanthu and SMS

Just for Fun.....

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"BIG NO" to relatives

I decided not to reveal any of my thoughts about relatives except my parents , as I cant write anything bad, and so the views expressed by me wont be sincere. In net effect I will end up offending someone and satisfying someone. But I will definitely share photos, if permitted and will only cover incidents than people.

Monday, July 23, 2007

New Recognition at T-Mobile

Yes, its time for recognition again. I was recognised for my performance twice in a row. It was unbelievable, I never thought I will get it for the 3rd Quarter. Only 3 people were recognised and I couldnt belive when Andrew called my name in the Meeting. Thanks to all.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Snow in Portland - Jan 2007

Portland is a place where it very rarely snows in winter. Fortunately this year around end of January we had a wonderful snow storm. Started snowing after midnight and continued throughout the day. We had almost 6 inches of snow in and around our apartment complex.

Below is my Nissan Pathfinder covered in snow.

The office was closed for the day as almost all roads were slippery with snow and ice. So me and Anju played in snow like little kids for almost 3-4 hours. It was great fun.

Slow and steady

My experience with life is that I have always got things better than what I wanted, but takes time, only happens in a slow and steady manner. Slow climbing of the ladder!!!