Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Putting down a teddy bear to sleep-Devanshi style

1.Take your teddy and put it on the floor

2.Sing to it.Devu's fav lullaby is vavaavo,her version is babaao.

3.Take a long and thick TV remote control and beat the teddy whilst babaabying.

4.Take the bear in your arm and jam it to the wall repeatedly.

5.There,you have your dead, oops asleep teddy.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thomman ayayumbol Chaandi murukum

Not a word or sentence that the kiddos use,people.
Its a ' saying 'in mayalam which means that when someone
loosens up,the other unexpectadly tightens up.

Well.this happened in our case yesterday.W e tried to deal with
deva's fear by making her sit in the drivers seat of the parked car
in the broad daylight .In half an hr,she was fine about the car and
carseat and rode happily around .We,being so proud of ourselves are highfiving eachother and doing all the victory dance and stuff.

Later,we loaded all them and started the car;screaming followed.
yep,thats right,it was ISHU. Aah!!!!!!!!!!

The ride to the temple was oh,sooo fun!!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Tears,tears and more tears

All we wanted do was go out,see christmas lights atleast in our own neighbour hood in our car.

simple,right?well,Nope.Deva haz other plans;mainly crying hard and vomitting in her new convertible seat.

She is still afraid of cars,not even a moving car.She will cry hard if one of us get into the car..

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Well,words to the kiddos/us(mostly) .We speak our regional language at home.The words that appear okay to us will be gibberish to anyone who doesnt know the language .So ,the word in the middle(1-2-3) is the real word(well,what i know) that is used in Malayalam.

Lets go...

oova- poovu-Flower

appaappa- paapam(babyish for food)-food


Kache-kadichu-She bit me

choch- socks


minna- color pink(I just dont get it,period )

Ache-Dad(their first word EVER; I am still mad)


Pechi-pedi-scared(Deva is using it especially when she is not scared.She is such a copycat)

Vaayilililu-When Ishu wants deva not to put(paper,toys etc) in her mouth,thats the word .



chocha-Dosa-A breakfast crepe





baby/vava- It could be their stuffed animals or any other living baby




kallaaa-in my hand please(Ishu)







and the famous.

Appathithito- My response would be HUH?(No idea what so ever).

Their fav rhyme is Twinkle twinkle little star.

inka winka

howwa blah blah kichigaaa

pappabathi  ......

blah blah blah blah ichska

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our kids are scared of..

Deva -She is absolutely scared of sitting in a moving car This is a new development for her and us,and  it has been going on for 2 weeks now.Its not that she is scared of the car seat.She happily sits in it,but the moment the vehicle moves ,the happy camper becomes unhappy

Ishu-She is scared of  exhaust fans in  bathrooms.The first thing she does is slowly look up and say 'pechi' as in pedi(scared)when she is in the bathroom.I dont see her getting potty trained in the near future.

Beautiful morning sunshine

Morning sunshine photo just outside the house on the way to office this morning.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Photo on my office door

Jay Gratch put up a photo of Mammooty on my office door last week.He told me that I am like him..Hope Mammootty will never know this or he will commit suicide.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our biggest scare as parents till date.

Devu started having a slight fever on early sunday  morning (12/5/10)and we gave her tylenol. She refused milk when she got up ,and was sleeping on Sudha aunty's lap. Around  11am she started having a seizure!!! That was my first ever experience and we were all freaking out. I am in total loss to describe the situation ,as I was in total shock. Fortunately, I regained control and called 911. The operator tried to help me  relax while she send the paramedics, ambulance and fire truck. It was the scariest 5-7 minutes of our life.Devu's seizure lasted for 5 minutes. My little baby recovered from the seizure, but was not very responsive when the paramedics arrived. They checked her vitals and told me everything was fine and made me give her oxygen. Then we took her to the hospital in the ambulance where they identified it to be caused by fever associated with ear infection. We were in the ER for 2-3 hours where they controlled her fever and discharged us. We took her to the pediatrician next day. the experience was heartbreaking..