Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our biggest scare as parents till date.

Devu started having a slight fever on early sunday  morning (12/5/10)and we gave her tylenol. She refused milk when she got up ,and was sleeping on Sudha aunty's lap. Around  11am she started having a seizure!!! That was my first ever experience and we were all freaking out. I am in total loss to describe the situation ,as I was in total shock. Fortunately, I regained control and called 911. The operator tried to help me  relax while she send the paramedics, ambulance and fire truck. It was the scariest 5-7 minutes of our life.Devu's seizure lasted for 5 minutes. My little baby recovered from the seizure, but was not very responsive when the paramedics arrived. They checked her vitals and told me everything was fine and made me give her oxygen. Then we took her to the hospital in the ambulance where they identified it to be caused by fever associated with ear infection. We were in the ER for 2-3 hours where they controlled her fever and discharged us. We took her to the pediatrician next day. the experience was heartbreaking..

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