Sunday, May 18, 2008

Manager-Field Operations in USA

Was constantly trying to become a Manager in USA since the first year.Was desperately trying for a RF managerial position in T-Mobile for the last one year but was never lucky enough to even get a interview call....Oh Yeah, that's the US way of getting a promotion, there are no regular promotions, u can sit in a position for years without any promotion.The worser part of the whole situation is that for a management role in the US , no-one cares for the management experience in India.So when a management position opens up, we have apply for it and go through the same process as if for a new job.

I almost gave up trying in RF and when a position opened up in Portland in the Field Operations group decided to give it a shot.Josh being the head of operations was a very positive part towards trying for the same.Applied for the job on 19th Feb08, Anju's birthday.Had to go through two rounds of interview,one with Josh and another with the Area director Grant.Josh's interview was really admirable with practical management situation based questions.Anyway finally after the all the required paper work I got the offer towards mid of April and joined the team officially on 29Apr08.Got an office and vehicle as a part of the job.

I had mentioned about destiny and how slowly I climb in my career, this is a perfect example.I wanted to become Manager in RF and God Almighty had something else in mind, and here I am came back to my Operations role.My life is always like this, I want something, get something else, but historically the end result has always been better than what I aspired for.Another example was my plans to become a Doctor and ended up being an engineer, and hence got the chance to come to the US.I take this moment to thank GOD Almighty for all the blessings.