Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lactose intolerance

We are dealing with the possibility of LI in Ishu.She hasnt had a good un interrupted sleepever since we came back to USA in October.We had put her on a milkbased formula because similac had recalls,but the ingredients were exactly the same.But the doc thinks that the formula could be the culprit and put her on RICE milk.

One week of no dairy in any form.

23 Mar 2011 - 14 yrs completed

Today marks the 14th year in my career. I still remember the day I walked into the Escotel office and meeting the new colleagues. What an experience and what a journey - overall it was AWESOME with ups and downs. We will see whether I will be able to write the same way after another 14 years.....

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Uncertainity strikes again

Today ATT announced that they are buying out TMO for 39 billion. There you go, uncertainity strikes back into my life - what and where should I go with my kiddos, let God almighty decide.....

Monday, March 14, 2011

Another Milestone -3/11/11

11 March 2011 marked another milestone in my career/life. Don't want to disclose it, but wanted to have a placeholder in my blog.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Parents at PDX

I remember the last time I was here at the same seat in the PDX airport to pick my parents up when they were coming from NJ, 4 years back. I was very upset at that time since we were getting desperate to have babies. Now we are blessed with sweet twins...But other tensions still there one way or other... And thats life I think, atleast it is mine...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ishus acidity

Ishu for the last couple of days was not letting me have a good nights sleepas she used to wake up crying every now and then. So I was going to office very tired and coffee was the only th ing keeping me awake. One night I was so pissed off at her but was really sorry for her the next day. We called the doctor and they asked us to cut down on dairy and wheat. We think it could be the whole weat pasta which is causing this, maybe along with the mozarella cheese.

K's Performance review

I had already warned one of my employee K that his semester review wont be that great, if he wont focus on evrything. So finally today I sat down with him to share the results. I gave him a shock of his life by mentioining that he is not going to get neither a bonus nor a hike. I explained the reasons and he agreed. I saw a totally different K who was accepting his mistakes without going into the defensive mode. So I finished the review and said goodbye to him. He stepped out of my office and within a few minutes I called him back and shared his monetary details. He was really happy to see that and was overwhelmed....Hope he got the message clear...While leaving my office he assured me that he will be back on track....