Friday, June 17, 2011

With Andrew, my ex Boss

Met up with Andrew for lunch after 2yrs for lunch in Downtown Portland. We had a good chat. Picture is with Josh and Andrew.

Monday, June 13, 2011

PNW Managers Meeting

View from Skamania lodge where we had our PNW Managers meeting...awesome place, awesome stay....

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Relocation 2011

2004 relocation decision trigger points:
- US dream, to work in the dreamland
- Airtel outsourcing to Ericsson - had so many doubts about the process and was not interested to work for the vendor
- Perception of US life

2011 relocation decision trigger points
- ATT TMO acquisition uncertainty
- Support to raise 2 small babies
- Health issues
- Perception of Indian support system
- Presence of Manju and Joy along with Kochachan and Kochamma

I know this is a life changing decision and considered all the available options and facts that I could think and see within a human framework. Every person I talked to along with all the indications that I got from the eternal power, everything is prompting or directing me to go to India at this point in life.
And Inspire of the never ending love for this great nation USA, with a heavy heart, and tearful eyes, Weighing family welfare as the most important thing without suffering too much on the career side, I Made the decision to relocate to India, for a few years and if things go better, will look at a long term commitment to the mother land.....