Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ani's 40th Birthday Celebrations - Dallas

Wow..thats all I can really say about the whole planning, execution and the amusement when I attended Ani's 40th Birthday celebrations in my first weekend in Dallas. Hats off to Manoj Krishnan and team for the whole event, including the movie creation, Poster creation and Hula dancing. Ani was overwhelmed seeing all the love. For me it gave me an insight into what I was missing all these years. A couple of pictures from the event including a pic of the DALLAS MALLUS group photo.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Odyssey 2012

I bought a new Odyssey EXL. First time buying a new car without too much research. Arun Chettan was a huge help and he came around and took me to multiple dealerships to take care of everything. He supported as my brother. Thanks chetta.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Start of US life in 2004

Picture of the apartment where we started our US life - Joysan, Manju, Anju, self and Rajiv. It was named "Bristlecone apartments" at that time. Now they are "Cottages at Tulane".
We had a wonderful time together, playing cards innthe evening and taking baby steps in US soil. We all gave company to each other and assured each other that everything will be alright. When we look back all of us were doing good in US but parted ways. Hope we will get united again sometime....

Back in Dallas

Yes, finally after going back and forth , I am back in Dallas after 7 years.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Travel to Dallas via Houston

Just reached USA after long 6 months. The flying was tough being alone with lof of thoughts of babies, I miss all and I was very upset all the way back. The feel of touchdown in US is great. Hope this time it is all good. From Houston airport.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Last day in Idea 9th Jan

Pics from my sent off at Idea. In pictures, Jayesh, Debashis, Nitin, Hiren, Chetan &  Bappa Funde Sir. They gifted me a silver Ganapathi.
I will post some overwhelming mails I got from the quality heads.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Manju, Joysan and Unnikuttan

I dont have words to express my gratitude towards them. Maybe God the almighty made me shift to India just to live with them. After 2 yrs of extremely stressful times I took a deep breath and relaxed completely during the time I spent with the trio.

Some key highlights which I can rememeber:

- I started having conventional and healthy breakfast first time after my college days
- Manju used to take care of everything, yes I do mean it...washing clothes, preparing food, serving me, washing plates, making my bed, pampering me etc., etc., I thank GOD for giving me such a wonderful and loving sister and the opportunity to stay with her for 6 months.
- Joysan who is one of the nicest persons I ever have met. He used to take a rental vehicle to go and come back from office, while I took his car for my use. He supported me during my entire career with idea when I used to discuss all the issues I was facing at work with him. He always had suggestions to give.
- Sweet little Unnikuttan who started calling me "Aey Chettayi" in the sweetest possible way. His presence helped me not to miss my kids.
- Our weekend trips to multiple restaurants - Kabab factory, Mantra etc.,
- Weekend movies together both malayalm and others.
- The crap discussion we had on visions of life...

At one point Joysan told Manju and me that we should take a new year resolution not to pester him.

So today while I was leaving the house Manju was crying and then Unni strted running crying, I thought he was crying since his mom is doing that, but then he told me he was crying because no one hugged him....

Decision making Process

Yes, after a few rounds of going back and forth on my decision whether to leave Idea or not, I finally made up my mind, bucked up and took the decision to leave. 9th was the last day in Idea.

A couple of highlights during the decision making process:

- Was initally not happy with the role and place
- The only relief was my sweet sister Manju, Joysan and Unni (I relaxed for the first time in 2yrs when I started living with them). Our weekends were so live...
- US was always in the priority list. Remembered Julio who told me 2yrs back you should decide on where you want to live and then look for jobs there, not the other way around.
- Health issues of all the near and dear ones including self pulled me back as a big baggage.
- Support to take care of our kiddos was another pulling down factor.
- When the great CTO of Idea gave me multiple options to stay back including an option to work in Kerala really made me go back on my decision multiple times. He took my inputs on the issues with the org structure and within a day formed a committee to evaluate and change the structure was shocking to me. When someone of his capacity is doing those many things for me I felt guilty for not accepting the same
- Manjus argument that if the kids grow up a little bit I can always pursue my dreams after that really made me change my mind not to go.
- But then the next day My one and only GREAT ACHAN and my Ever loving Amma gave me some reasonings to go. The most important one was Achans argument that right now I won't be able to go for kids, but after two years I won't be able to go for some other issues including my parents health. This opened my eyes and I took the decision to go. Thanks Acha for giving me the courage to do this, I know you personally don't want to see me go, but thank you for doing it.
- Vijayan uncle who also doesn't want us to leave India supported us since he knew where we liked better.
- So I went back to my original decision to pull the plug to keep up my commitments to Manoj Krishnan who helped me get this offer.

Thanks to all including the eternal power who gave me the courage to take this tough and impossible decision. We will see what future has in store for me......

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Welcome to New Year 2012. Lots of hope ahead. Praying not to take wrong steps like last year.