Monday, January 9, 2012

Decision making Process

Yes, after a few rounds of going back and forth on my decision whether to leave Idea or not, I finally made up my mind, bucked up and took the decision to leave. 9th was the last day in Idea.

A couple of highlights during the decision making process:

- Was initally not happy with the role and place
- The only relief was my sweet sister Manju, Joysan and Unni (I relaxed for the first time in 2yrs when I started living with them). Our weekends were so live...
- US was always in the priority list. Remembered Julio who told me 2yrs back you should decide on where you want to live and then look for jobs there, not the other way around.
- Health issues of all the near and dear ones including self pulled me back as a big baggage.
- Support to take care of our kiddos was another pulling down factor.
- When the great CTO of Idea gave me multiple options to stay back including an option to work in Kerala really made me go back on my decision multiple times. He took my inputs on the issues with the org structure and within a day formed a committee to evaluate and change the structure was shocking to me. When someone of his capacity is doing those many things for me I felt guilty for not accepting the same
- Manjus argument that if the kids grow up a little bit I can always pursue my dreams after that really made me change my mind not to go.
- But then the next day My one and only GREAT ACHAN and my Ever loving Amma gave me some reasonings to go. The most important one was Achans argument that right now I won't be able to go for kids, but after two years I won't be able to go for some other issues including my parents health. This opened my eyes and I took the decision to go. Thanks Acha for giving me the courage to do this, I know you personally don't want to see me go, but thank you for doing it.
- Vijayan uncle who also doesn't want us to leave India supported us since he knew where we liked better.
- So I went back to my original decision to pull the plug to keep up my commitments to Manoj Krishnan who helped me get this offer.

Thanks to all including the eternal power who gave me the courage to take this tough and impossible decision. We will see what future has in store for me......

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