Monday, January 9, 2012

Manju, Joysan and Unnikuttan

I dont have words to express my gratitude towards them. Maybe God the almighty made me shift to India just to live with them. After 2 yrs of extremely stressful times I took a deep breath and relaxed completely during the time I spent with the trio.

Some key highlights which I can rememeber:

- I started having conventional and healthy breakfast first time after my college days
- Manju used to take care of everything, yes I do mean it...washing clothes, preparing food, serving me, washing plates, making my bed, pampering me etc., etc., I thank GOD for giving me such a wonderful and loving sister and the opportunity to stay with her for 6 months.
- Joysan who is one of the nicest persons I ever have met. He used to take a rental vehicle to go and come back from office, while I took his car for my use. He supported me during my entire career with idea when I used to discuss all the issues I was facing at work with him. He always had suggestions to give.
- Sweet little Unnikuttan who started calling me "Aey Chettayi" in the sweetest possible way. His presence helped me not to miss my kids.
- Our weekend trips to multiple restaurants - Kabab factory, Mantra etc.,
- Weekend movies together both malayalm and others.
- The crap discussion we had on visions of life...

At one point Joysan told Manju and me that we should take a new year resolution not to pester him.

So today while I was leaving the house Manju was crying and then Unni strted running crying, I thought he was crying since his mom is doing that, but then he told me he was crying because no one hugged him....

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