Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thomman ayayumbol Chaandi murukum

Not a word or sentence that the kiddos use,people.
Its a ' saying 'in mayalam which means that when someone
loosens up,the other unexpectadly tightens up.

Well.this happened in our case yesterday.W e tried to deal with
deva's fear by making her sit in the drivers seat of the parked car
in the broad daylight .In half an hr,she was fine about the car and
carseat and rode happily around .We,being so proud of ourselves are highfiving eachother and doing all the victory dance and stuff.

Later,we loaded all them and started the car;screaming followed.
yep,thats right,it was ISHU. Aah!!!!!!!!!!

The ride to the temple was oh,sooo fun!!!!

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