Thursday, October 25, 2007

An exclusive Feedback

I was so excited to get this feedback from Ravikumar, my ex-colleague in Airtel, who was heading Switch for TN when I was heading BSS. He is one of my great well wishers who was always there to help me in my career. Thanks Ravi for the sincere and honest feedback.

Hi .............This is Ravikumar
S.Ravi Kumar
Thu, Oct 25, 2007 at 3:49 AM

Got a chance to go through your Web site
Wonderful it is……………..
Surprised to know that you still remember names of places in TN where you had launched services and how thrilling it was.
Equally happy to know that you named all the people who worked with you on those days.

Before moving to next part here is small and sppedy snap shot of current TN roll out status.
More than 1000 Tows covered
Around 4500 BTS Radiating Non stop
260 to 280 new Tower are being added every month
Aiming for 300+ BTS every month
There was a one MSC during our days of 224
12 MSC's & 4 GMSC's & Media gate way's are working ( Switching capacity on 2004 was 9000 Erl, now it is 1,87,000 Erl)

Back to your Web site Very nicely build up site, I am able to see the Sentiments / emotions / love / affection all over the pages. The happiness in your face when you meet Amma ( Espacially the brightness of ur face when your drem come true word "Amma one day I will go to US and take u to Times Square") That was real great moment of your life is it not?

I know everywhere you will get good friends because always you offer your self as true and honest frined…………… no doubt god gives u always good friends.

So many feelings running over me after seeing the Web site………….

I am very happy to know that you lead a very happy and wornderful life

I wish all success……………………

Bit emotional now……………..will write more in next mail

With best regards

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Unknown said...

Excellent stuff Manoj. Good job.
Mention about Amir & me too in your web page. Else I will kill you when I meet you next