Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Our Marriage - 16th JUNE 2002

I realised that I never put my marriage pictures inspite of having my website for 6 months now. So here are some snaps.

Achan giving me the THALI while Manju and Shalini watching and little Sharu praying:


Vijayan Uncle(Anju's father) doing Kanyadan.
Amma giving us sweets after marriage below, while CHINCHU and Drishya watching

Now its Sudha Aunty's turn(Anju's Mother) below:
Picture below: from left, TVLA ammachi, Bombay Ammavan( who was our VIP guest for the ceremony), Santha chitta, Ammomma, Me, Anju, Chilli chitta, Neethu mol,Vijayan uncle's friends and Vijayan Uncle on the extreme right.

This picture is one of the rarest which has my sweet Thiruvalla Ammachi(My mother's mom), who is no more, who took a lot of pain taking care of me as a baby and was always been there pampering me.She never used to let anyone call me anything other than "MON" and used to take me to wherever I wanted with Valiachan, my mother' father, who was a GEM of a person.

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