Tuesday, April 15, 2008

An AMAZING survival story

This email below is a truly amazing survival story of my friend Ani from Dallas..Worth reading...

---------- Forwarded message ----------From: Ani Gopalakrishnan Date: Apr 14, 2008 6:05 PMSubject: My Near Death Experience on Vishu Day!!To: dallasmallus@googlegroups.com

It was yesterday evening around 6, I was coming to temple, and took George Bush from Sandy Lake rd. There was not much traffic
as it was Sunday evening so everyone was going on almost 80-90 miles per hour. My car stopped right in the middle of the highway!!.
Few minutes earlier when I sensed some trouble with my car, I stayed on right most line. But right before Old Denton exit, there are
two more lines join the highway.... and you realize, all of a sudden, you are on the middle of 5 lane highway and your car is dead...
I didn't know this will be that serious until I realized no body can see my hazard light because of the evening sun.

I called 911.

I can see vehicles approaching me so fast from behind and they didn't have any clue that this is a dead car until
they come inches away from me. They were all coming from a curve. I thought of getting out of the car, but there were
vehicles going so fast on both lines... From the back view mirror, I could see Death is going to come to me as one of the cars.
Then, there come three cars side by side, it was silver BMW on the middle line behind me, I knew he can't change the lanes
because of the other cars... .. I put the gear in neutral and closed my eyes.

Guys, this is the moment you realize who you really love, because you think about them..

Don't know still how they didn't hit me, I could only hear the honking and a silver car sliding next to me.
I was there for 4 minutes and finally the Almighty has come in the form of a Patrol car. He parked behind me, diverted all traffic
and pushed me to a curb. He was literally shouting at me. He said I had a narrow escape. According to that cop, out of his
15 years career, he hasnt seen anyone who got stuck like this in a moving highway surviving. Everyone ended up fatal.

My fuel cap was faulty and the gas was evaporating. I didn't know Patrol Car stores gas in a can to help people.
Finally he filled my car just enough to go to the next gas station.

It took 10 minutes for me to recover and finally when I came to temple and I was so happy to see some of your faces!.
Because I didn't know I could...

Ani Gopalakrishnan

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