Saturday, January 15, 2011

26 weeks-Complications & Bedrest

The pregnancy was easy breezy until the 26th week.We did our regular ultrasound and checkups with our doc who referred my pregnancy to be a textbook pregnancy.Our nurse and us would chat for hours.There was the regular check of cervical length which was 3 or 4.In a textbook pregnancy,the length reduces to 1 and lower as the due date approaches.

The technician paged for the doctor when it was found that the length has gone down to1.2 It was not a good sign because it is associated to preterm labor.I remember crying expecting the worst and asking thenurse whether the kiddos will make it if they decide to come out this early.

The doctor looked into details & put me on complete bedrest .I was allowed to get up to eat and take bathroom breaks .The next ultasound,after 2 weeks showed that the length was still at 1.2.Thankfully,the bedrest was workingto keep it consistent.Week after week on bed makes you lose your mind,but it was for the best.I continued the bedrest up until the end of the pregnancy.

NST's started at 32 weeks.Deva-Baby A,the breech baby who was squished up due to lack of space always failed the test.The machine could never pick up her heart rate,and we would end up in doing an ultrasound to check .

At about 35 weeks.the fluid surrounding Deva started decreasing.The doctor told that if the fluid decreases more the next day,she will do an emergency C-section. By gods grace and heartfelt prayers of our parents and family,nothing changed and I was allowed to carry them a few more days

The delivery was at 37w5d on July 13,2009.They were 5lb 10 oz and 5 lb 15 oz each.

Devanshi on left and Ishanvi on right:-)))

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