Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Happy newyear to everyone.May this year bring happiness,fun ,success and rest to all..

My new year resolutions..

1.Stop procrastinating.

Manoj always says that I am very bad in maintaining relationships with friends and family via the phone which is sadly very true..It is not that I dont care about what is going on.Because of my bad habit of procrastinating everything,talking/contacting people never happens

2.Call a friend or a family member a day

Since it is Jan 4,I should have talked to 4 people,and I have talked to 0.YIKES!!!Am I a procrastinator or what????

Lets see..1 and 2 are already in the dumps.So Im going to go to 3.

3.Excercise regularly to avoid repeated chronic back injuries.

My back has gone out twice in 2 months;disc slip,strained and injured muscles,the whole package..Its no picnic with no mobility and total inability to function.

The word of the day because of its over overusage...the winner is procrastinate.

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