Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Books & Bloks

The twins never had a favorite toy.But now adays a few things seems to grab their attention more.


Books,the big picture board books are a big hit in our house.Ishu was always interested in books.She hates the small board books,period.Devu didnt care for books at all;neither big nor the small ones.She used books mainly to throw,bend or stand on to reach stuff.She started to notice books about a month ago and seems fascinated by them.Two of the fav seems to be the My first word and number book.


Devu loves them.It is the only thing that grabs her concentration and interest for long time.


The one where you can paint with water..Ishu loves it..She says that she drawing poova(flower) and bathataa(butterfly).I love love love the aquadoodle.Its awesome for a lousy sketcher.Somehow my doodles comes out good too.

Seems like I have a few things in order with which i can bribe them,HA!!!!!

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