Saturday, May 7, 2011

A pencil+toddler mouth =


Last weekend Devu was happily eating crayons when I replaced it with her color pencil so that she couldnt eat it.In her attempt to get off of the bed,the pencil jabbed right into her mouth.I couldn't see her teeth because they disappeared into a mouth filled with blood.

M tried to pour some water in her mouth which led to panic, followed by vomitting a huge amount of blood.Somehow he got her to relax (I still dont know how he managed to do that)and offered her ice old water as suggested by Achan bringing the blood low from-the cut to a stop..

M took a look into her mouth and his face said it all.I started bawling.She was cut in two different regions in her mouth,both pretty deep and long wounds.The ped asked us to wait it out 24 hrs to see for any signs of infections.

It's been a tough week for the poor kiddo.She refused the process of eating and drinking most of the time.Thankfully,the wound looks much better.

As of lastweekend,this house is pencil free.

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