Friday, September 30, 2011

Onam - 2011

I celebrated Onam in Kerala with Ammoomma after 8 long years. Onam Sadya is not the same anymore. Since it was extremely difficult to cook everything at home, they used to buy cooked food on the day. Ofcourse it has its advantages and disadvantages.Triggered by Veena's phone call on Onam celebration in Bangalore, I proposed a "potluck" system as in USA, so that there is not too much burden on any particular person, and everyone will make something, and the benefit is that all will eat home cooked Onasadya than from some crappy place. So the "Pact" was made and all the participating ladies - Santha chitta, Chilli chitta, Amita Kochamma and Amma signed the same. The "PACT" was finally approved and signed by Achan and Chief Executive Approval by our beloved Ammoomma. Pictures shows all the moments including the copy of the "PACT".

Hope we will enjoy home cooked food during auspicious days.

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