Thursday, May 10, 2012

CTIA, New Orleans

So far had only read about CTIA in the news and tech blogs and now finally got a chance to attend the same in person. Reached New Orleans along with K, Saju and ML around noon. Wasted a lot of time looking around for parking. Finally we parked the car and entered the venue. Great show, but walked around for miles and became sour. Even finding a place to eat was difficult in the evening. Saw the CEOs of all the top US cellular companies. Walked in the French Quarter and finally took appointments in two restaurants and ate in one after waiting for 1 hr.
Second day also involved a lot of walking and dinner with K where a waiter mistreated us and K demanded his replacement.
Final day involved lunch with Huawei team along with meeting Clinton in person. Overall great experience and worth the $700 on the suit.

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