Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cats & Dogs

Devu and Ishu likes the cats in our community.We were taking a walk in the community and came across a house with 3 cats..Devu told me that cat says 'meow'incase I didn't know.She went near the cats who were behind a glass and did the meanest thing. She barked at them 'bow bow'.The cats ran away .Devu maintains that cats and dogs are best friends and there was no reason for the cat to run away.

Ishu just growls at dogs..There is a looking huge dog who just growls at her even though she calls her 'puppy ..cute puppy'.Ishu got tired of the dog not being cute and decided to do the same back.. She growls and barks at him with her hands up like paws and makes a mean face at the dog .The dog dislikes her more now because he too has started making the mean face.

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