Sunday, September 1, 2013

First day of School(Going to school)

The kiddos started their prek on the 26 th
of August.They  were thrilled to go to school in a bus and meet the teacher and work on the computer that is in their class room .They got their fav cookies as snacks for the school and were all set to go with their tinker bell backpacks..

Even if they are dressed in play clothes, the school asks them to wear badges with their name and other info.

We took them to the bus stop at 11.15 and the bus arrival was at 11.30.There was a driver and an assistant ..The nanny and I decided to follow the car all the way..The  driver told me that there will be a stop at another school and they will reach their at 12.15

All the way I could see Devu restless and looking look all around cause she is nervous and I couldn't see Ishu..

The school bus reached the school premises by 12.10.They do not let the kids outside until and unless the teacher or the volunteers come and get them from their buses..

The door opened and both of them got down from the bus whimpering.As soon as they saw me they ran to me crying that they  didn't see me and want me near them

I still got them to go with the volunteers and they stood in at the corner of the huge room heartbroken with the other kids

We went to their classes and the assistant teacher was helping them to keep their things in the locker..
Ishu started crying  as soon as she saw and hugging me saying that she is super sad that she didn't get to see ..

She says' amme kaanunilla ennittu pinne amme de mugham kaanumbol Ichu Vinu sangadam'

Video Below:

We took both of them to the class and got them to do some puzzles..
Devu calmed down a little bit ,but Ishu was totally upset when I told her that I need to leave but I will be in the front office 

We left from the premises not knowing what to expect when we meet them after 3 hrs..

After the journey-Ishu and Devu in the class

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