Thursday, November 28, 2013

Achan's 70th Surprise Birthday Party

Anju and I decided to do celebrate Achan's 70th Birthday in a grant way. Achan and Amma were against any celebrations as they are away from family and Manju/Joysan/Unni.

So we decided to do a surprise one. Talked to Manoj K and Karthika chechi, picked the venue and planeed everything out. The entire DM gang participated despite being a working day. We took to the place in the pretext of going for Indian restaurant family dinner. The DM group was already in the banquet hall and they stood in the dark room while we entered. When Achan entered the lights went on and everyone sang Happy Birthday song along with giving flowers to him.

Then we cut the cake followed by a great buffet. Shalini, Ramu and Mol came in a little late.

Some pics.

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