Saturday, June 9, 2007

Disney Day 1 - Indiana Jones, Pirates of Carribean and Haunted Mansion

We tried to enter Indiana Jones ride and went all the way in, but there were some problems with the vehicles and had to return again after an hour. If I had any idea of the ride I would have never dared to do that. It was that scary.

We started the Indiana Jones Adventure in jeep like vehicle. I couldn't get my seat belt fixed and Anju helped me with that. It was the worst speedy and bumpy ride I have ever taken in my whole life. The vehicle rumbles, turns left, right, jumps and even drops into dark holes. I thought my back will be broken after the ride as it was that hard to even hang on to the vehicle.

It was a real high speed, jerky ride in a cave where there are snakes and big sculptures. Finally the vehicle will reach a point where Indiana Jones like figure is hanging down from a climber. The vehicle will be halted at this point. All the passengers in the vehicle will be waiting to see this guy to jump on top of the vehicle and this goes on for some time. After sometime, suddenly you see a HUGE ROCK which is 10 times the size of the vehicle you are in rolling towards the vehicle. All the passengers started screaming loud and when the rock was a centimeter away from the vehicle, the earth below the vehicle opens up and the vehicle drops into that hole and the stone goes over the vehicle.

Anju was really excited with the ride even though I was shivering.

Next we went to Pirates of Carribean. It was a fabulous boat ride in which the boat will take you through the Pirate Land. Couldnt take any photos inside except for the one below due to ban on Flash photography.

You could see the pirates fighting and almost all the scenes of the movie is re-created. Finally the boat will drop down with a big splash. This is one of the rides you should not miss. Even Jack Black was present as a wax sculpture.

Next we went to the HAUNTED MANSION which was not scary at all. Here also I couldn't take any photographs due to the ban. But I managed to take one ghost picture with my Blackberry Pearl( quality not good as it was completely dark).The ride was in a two seater and this will take you through various chambers in which ghosts are present all over. The ghosts are created as fumes and it was an excellent treat for the eyes. Finally you enter a long hall in which there are mirrors and when you look at your image and you will find a ghost right between you and your partner. Every time you take this ride , it will be a different ghost.

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