Saturday, June 9, 2007

Disney Day 1 - Jungle Cruise

Reached Disney Land from hotel by taking the Anaheim transit. The transit service picks and drops tourists from DisneyLand to various hotels in and around Anaheim from 8 in the morning till the time park closes. We had an unlimited travel pass. DisneyLand in LA has two parts - Disney Park and the California adventure.

We were fascinated to see the park for the first time. We entered the park and took the Park Map. The park has Adventure Land, Tomorrow Land,Frontier Land,Fantasy Land, Toons Land etc. We first went to Adventure Land.

The first ride we took was the JUNGLE CRUISE.
Jungle Cruise is all about taking the cruise in the boat shown above around a man made Jungle with Tigers, Elephants etc. It was fun and hopefully one of the least scary rides. The boat driver explains everything when he takes the boat through tribal areas and shows the various animals.Seems like a true Jungle cruise

The journey becomes slightly scary when the driver shoots at a Hippo which comes suddenly out of the water near the boat and the gunshot will give you a small shock. Just when you relax and come out the shock, a group of piranhas comes out of the water to attack the boat , but goes back without doing any harm ...

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