Saturday, June 30, 2007

Niagara Trip 2005

When I was working for Nokia in 2005 at Detroit, we decided to go to Niagara. Achan and Amma came to US in June 2005.Me and Anju reached New Jersey and rented a 7 seater SUV and started our trip to Niagara from New Jersey.
It was a long 8 hr drive from NJ, but it was fun together with Manju, Bejoy , Anju , Achan and Amma. We were singing and joking all the way to Niagara.

We reached Niagara around 9pm and checked in to the hotel. Achan was not feeling well with the extensive travel and pressure variations. We went to checkout the water falls in the night itself. It was a fabulous sight and there were light shows and fireworks to add to the visual extravaganza.

In the morning achan was better and we went to see the falls during day time. The weather was good with a cool breeze and a lovely sunshine.

Above Achan & Amma, Manju& Bejoy , Me and Anju at Niagara.

Then we took the boat trip. It was so cool. The experience is unexplainable, the boat took us so close to the horse shoe part of the Niagara falls and it was the best ride ever. I couldn't even open my eyes because of the force of the drizzle. I would recommend this ride to all who visits Niagara.

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