Monday, June 25, 2007

Vishu 2007

Vishu -- always used to be celebrated with lots of fun at Ammoomma's place. We missed this years celebrations as we were in US.
Below are some pictures of Kaineettam. Elders are supposed to give money to younger ones.
1) Ammoomma to Achan
2) Ammoomma to Amma
3) Ammoomma to Balan Kochachan
4) Santha chitta to Praveen
5) Chilli(geetha) chitta to Praveen 5) Amitha Kochamma to Jithu
Below is how a typical Sadya look like. A sadya will be served on a fresh plantain leaf with rice as the main dish and tons of side dishes like avial, sambhar, kichadi,pachadi,thoran (all veg)etc. You are supposed to eat the sadya using your hand.Hmmm yummy.....

The below picture is my ammoomma(grandma) giving food to my father...

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