Friday, May 6, 2011

A letter to a ROBOT

Dear Roomba,

I was so excited to bring you to our home,but I am so disappointed.You cannot except to me stop everything and clean your brushes umpteen number of times.If I had that kind of energy ,I would have tried to potty train the toddlers.

SHAME ON YOU!!!Shame on you for the nauseating repetition "error 2 clean the brushes ,clean the brushes"blaha blah blah when a simple thread sticks to your brush..So Kunju,That's right,I even named you.Your stay with us will be over this weekend.

Good luck!!!!


Stephanie said...

I have always wanted a Roomba and my mean Panther husband (Julio) always says no! I'll adopt your little robot if it needs a home. :)

Lekshmi said...


I think the robot may read the post and decided to step up.
Nowadays he is wonderful with much lesser demands.
It's quite nice to comeback to a home with a clean floor an outing..I hope Julio gets convinced.

Thanks for leaving the comment :-)

Stephanie said...

I am so glad he decided to cooperate and do his job. :)

I read that they make one specifically for people with pets called a Zoomba (supposedly it is good at picking up pet fur) but Julio is not convinced. He likes our vacuum, but as I keep pointing out, our vacuum won't clean the floors by itself and the Roomba will!

Maybe I should make Chloe vacuum. That's almost like having a robot, right? :)