Friday, August 2, 2013

My Business Trials

After going through a complete shakeup of relocating back and forth from India, I had decided to try something on my own, but didnt know where to start. So after coming back to US, I went around and explored any opportunity I had to pursue this dream. Following were some of the trials:

  1. With S & A to start up and build up old "As" in full swing
  2. With S &A on a software app to be developed by hiring people in India
  3. With S &A on Cube
  4. A then completely dropped off
  5. S and I had a call with Cube person with no progress
  6. Me with D on H. Dragged S also into this. Didnt go anywhere. We asked for a share in H which didnt happen.
  7. Talked to V on joining hands. Started the first one by printing cards and paying visit to Rig manufacturers. Negotiated for a deal for weeks and got a great price point, but no luck from B in India.
  8. With V on Oil Rig Part project. No advancement there as well.
  9. With V on starting a Hyundai dealership.
  10. With V using P bhai to start a tie up with Kochachan in India.
  11. With V on starting up an Indian grocery store. This deal became close to cut, but the building owner backed out on the agreed rent. I went and negotiated directly with the guys in Arlington, TX.
  12. V and S on another store.
  13. Mutliple discussions with S from India - very lucrative, God knows where it will lead. Only project ongoing...
  14. With A from Metro to start their US Operations.
  15. With V again to work with B bhai - Meeting with him mid Feb
  16. With V and H chet on something with an investment to get GC
  17. With Lan for new startup
  18. With Jeff on "Korean Chicken"
  19. With Vij and B bhai at "On The Border" - a Big Positive meeting
  20. From B on the GPS stuff
  21. With B and V on being together.
  22. Lan called again to restart the plans
  23. With Vij Uncle and P chitt for a thermal paint project - Didn't go anywhere, seems to be a fake one
  24. With B again, still hanging in the air - I lost interest due to their pathetic response time
  25. With H chet on with V uncle
  26. With Kish and his team on a telecom venture. Multiple discussions and ppts submitted.
  27. With U on something together


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